question 3

Are you bored with your art? It sounds like you love the process of creating art, but you lack motivation to crank out more of what you’ve been doing. You need something new (new experiences, new influence, different perspective, different form, different subject?) to inject some energy and purpose.
From Andrew
No I am not bored with my art, it is a purely a pick up the brush and do it motivational thing. I distract my self or I get pulled into different directions that keep me form doing what I want to really do. Ok it might not be a purely a motivational thing since what I think is causing the motivational think is a bout of depression that is not to bad, but just bad enough that it seems to be holding me back. Hoping that the nice weather (when it gets here and stays) will be the cure.
As for the comment part, I agree that challenging one self to do new things is a good thing to do and everyone should do it as often as possible.
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2nd question

You realize the irony of starting this quest on April Fools day, I take it
;P ?
This one is from Pete, not the one that ask the first one though, wow the first two questions are from two different Petes, isn’t that something? As a side note, I do now this Pete in real life.
yes I do realize the irony, I think it is quite fun(ny) to be taking on a serious quest on a fool’s day.
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updates to web sit

good news, i am currently working on updating the site! the home page as a few improvements including a recent works area. the painting and drawing galleries are getting a very needed facelift and updated with new stuff, apperently i have been way to lazy to update the images for way to long.
please come back soon to see all the wonderful changes!

first question

As to a question, do you have a sense of your preferred audience(s) for your art work? Are there particular people with whom you’d like your work to be in conversation? What are those conversations? This one is from Pete at
Ouch, what a hard first one to answer!
Preferred audience is a hard thing to for me to define. Yes I would like to say that there are many types of people I would like for completely selfish reasons, meaning people who want to buy or display my work, for goodness sake what am I going to do with 100 or 1000 paintings after all. It is important to me though, that people can see and appreciate the art that I am creating and I can inspire and challenge people, make them think or take action is my real goal. As a result, the real preferred audience would then be anyone willing to be a viewer taking in what they can from the work.
I gave up a long time ago thinking about the type of person that my work might talk too, there are to many times that people I would not expect to like a certain work ends up loving it and visa versa. It is hard to judge what peoples real experiences are so I take it all in stride. With that said though, I will talk about the audience in more generic terms. I want my work to talk to the people who can feel that gut/raw emotional reaction that I infuse in my work (or try to infuse). Sensual but edgy, not quite disturbing but not quite overtly happy either, humanistic is a good word. Really what living is about. You know that very outwardly happy person, and you look at them and you see that spark of pain around their eyes or mouth or in their body language like there is something going on but you can’t put your finger on it. That is what I am talking about. So the conversation with the audience is to evoke those same feeling that of one overlying emotion but have some subtle emotion that they can explore a little farther, maybe even pulling memories and experiences out of them to enhance that emotion.
Not sure if this answers anything or brings up more questions, but thanks for such a challenge and playing along.
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Sweet Home New Orleans

This last Saturday I went to an art show and benefit to help displaced musicians and other cultural peoples to return to New Orleans after Katrina. There were over 5000 musicians in New Orleans before Katrina, now there is an estimated 600, and if you know anything about the big easy, you know that the music is a very important part of the culture of the city.
It was sponsored and hosted by some people I know. They live here but have a love of the big easy so much so that they have an apartment just on the edge of the French Quarter. They have many friends there as well, many artist and musicians among them. They felt that the needed to help, and esp now since the news has been pretty quiet about it, out of site out of mind. Sara is an artist so she created 46 paintings that were all emotionally charged about the event and after effects of the hurricane and the government’s help or lack there of.
They did it up right, the flew up a well known musician from N. O. to perform. A local spoken word artist preformed, I think he had ties to N. O. They had beer and wine and what they called “Katrina-Ritas” a dirty looking margarita to simulate the dirty water the hurricanes caused. And what is a benefit for New Orleans with out food, they had beef, shrimp and oyster mini po’ boys and muffalata’s. All very well done I must say. Even though the event was invite only, they made out very well. I heard a nice number but the source is not the most reliable so I will refrain from going into it.
I wish I had my camera on me that night, I would have loved to get some photos. Plus I was all dressed up!
If you would also like to donate, please go here even a dollar helps

rut and ask

What a rut I am feeling like I am in right now, it is not par se a creative block, but more of a get off my ass and get something done block. I have things I want to do and really need to do but I feel lethargic and uninterested in doing anything except maybe my habitual activities. These habits need to be broken, no, smashed into pieces to get me into a better mind frame. I need to start by experiencing something new every week, breaking insecurities, and not allow others to control my actions and emotions. To start out I feel that I need to document my progress in this endeavor both here and in other public and not so public forums.
In all truth, I started doing things that I have never done before this last week, I eat oysters (in a po’ boy mini sandwich) on Saturday and Sunday I went for breakfast at Sunny Side Up, which I have also never done. More on the documentation in a new post.
One other tool I am going to do is a project I am calling “5000/five” it will be an ambitious project for sure, but I think I want to save the official announcement until I have all the details figured out.
One last thing, and this is taken from an inspiration of mine, Pete aka, to open up the floor.
Please ask me any question you would like to about my art, my philosophy, my life, my love, anything you want, just leave your name so I know who is asking what. I will answer these questions starting April 1st and answer them in the order I have received them.

untitled (compresed nude girl)

oil on canvas
i painted this last weekend, it has this physiological feel to it, i am unsure what i think of this one at the moment.
I would really like some feedback on this, if anyone would be so kind.

photoshop fun, it is a learning curve

a photoshop image that i made with the help of a tutorial from a was doing, yeah, trying to learn the photoshop like no bodies buis…
my thought is to try to create something on this theme but with my own flare, will post when done…