Seven virtues for becoming a better * v2

Here are seven things to do daily for creative advancement from someone on the interwebs.  It was from a youtube video but I did not remember to save it so I can’t link it.  I like some of the things this guy had to say but I am conflicted about others.  In the next few post I will be my thoughts from a visual artist perspective, these could apply to writing, music and other creative endeavors too…

Will add links and header to each post.

·         Daily work – even if it is only a line

·         Volume not perfection

·         Steal – like an artist (from lots not just one)

·         Conscious learning – don’t just stumble around

·         Rest – play

·         Feedback – lots of it

·         Create what you love

drawing from deconstructing the box sketchbook

part 2

Volume not perfection.  What?  I shouldn’t be perfect all the time?  No, not when you are trying to learn new skills and getting the muscle memory down, it is about doing, doing and more doing that you are going to learn. 

Let’s say you want to draw hands better.  How is this going to happen?  Well by looking at references and by drawing from that reference.  At first block in the hand, get a nice sketchy hand down, then start to refine it by separating the fingers, get the joints in look and fix as you go.  Do it quick and then sit back and keep refining until it looks like a hand, not a perfect one because it will take you double the time or more to get everything perfected if ever.  Go do the hand over, or go to a harder reference and take that time to get 3 more hands drawn.

Think of it as practicing a musical scale, you won’t get it right the first time but you will eventually but you have to practice!  Then you can be perfect.

Final notes, for fuck sake, use references! (more on this on “Conscious learning” post) and don’t worry about the epic fail!  You learn the most.


I really think of this as “volume over perfection”

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