Seven virtues for becoming a better * (v1)

Here are seven things to do daily for creative advancement from someone on the interwebs.  It was from a youtube video but I did not remember to save it so I can’t link it.  I like some of the things this guy had to say but I am conflicted about others.  In the next few post I will be my thoughts from a visual artist perspective, these could apply to writing, music and other creative endeavors too…

Will add links and header to each post.

·         Daily work – even if it is only a line

·         Volume not perfection

·         Steal – like an artist (from lots not just one)

·         Conscious learning – don’t just stumble around

·         Rest – play

·         Feedback – lots of it

·         Create what you love

Portrait of Ai Weiwei

Part 1:


Daily work is definitely one of the most important things you can do, especially if you are trying to improve your craft or learn that new skill you always wanted to do. 

Can’t draw well?  Draw daily even if it is just a line! 

The idea is that if you get everything out and set up that you will not stop at one line, you will at the least fill up a page or better yet, you will get into a grove and draw for hours without even realizing it.

The big thing idea here is you want to form a habit of doing or of a good work ethics which will make daily work become second nature, you will just find the time to sit down and draw/paint/write or whatever.  Habit forming is fragile though so try to avoid the “ah-screw it” mind set.  Also don’t sweet it if you can’t do it every day, shoot for 5 days a week, if you get more, well that is better!

It will be hard at first (as I am finding out) but it will get better every day.  Schedule your time at first (make a meeting with yourself) if need be!

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