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Hi Doug
my question is if you have ever modelled / posed for other artists, if so how did you feel about the experience and in what way if any did it impact on how you make your own art.
This is from hessiandag
It is quite interesting question, and I did sit for someone once but under strange situations. I had been sitting in on a figure drawing class that a friend and mentor was teaching, she said that I should come in and draw with her students, they would not know the difference and there was plenty of room. Later in the class, one of the assignments was to pair up with a fellow classmate and draw from each other outside of class. It did not have to be nude but it could be. Now I didn’t have to do any of the assignments, but I was doing them as they came up. I agreed to partner up with this cute girl that I had been talking too a bit. She had a boyfriend so I thought it would be harmless.
She came over one night so we could do the drawings, she wanted to pose first and she was happy to do pose nude. I think I offered her a beer or some wine to relax her a bit. I consider my self a professional and act like one while drawing with a model. Every thing went well, the drawings turned out and we had nice chat, however I should have caught the red flag that was waving and hitting me in the head when she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend this last week (can you see were this is going). After I was done drawing, she just sat there naked talking and stuff. She finely decided to do some drawing and I posed nude for her. Now she was not very good when it came to drawing and by now she really did not seem into drawing, I can’t recall for sure if she was fully dressed at that time, I am thinking not though. She rushed through her several drawings, and I could tell she was agitated at me. She then sat on the bed and asked if I was going to sleep with her or not. What pissed me of the most, I figured out that she was still seeing her boyfriend at the time, not surprised but still.
As you can see, I was trying to be professional and I got burnt and I have not posed for anyone else, not saying I wouldn’t pose for the right person or anything. I thought it was quite interesting, seeing the intimacy of drawing from a live model as the model makes be understand how they can feel especially if they are not professionals at it. This was not the last time a model was upset for not having the opportunity to “do something” after the art making was done. Not sure if others have had this happen, but I do try not to be the stereo type as a cheating sex addict artist, work is work, play is play.
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