Earl I in the morning

The time in the earl I in the morning is a good time to break the chains, to meditate, to work out, to walk, to fuck, to muse, to plan, to snuggle , to cool off, to be, to remain, to reintegrate, to watch the movements, to listen, to bird, to drink tea, to serve, to share, to write, to paint to plan, to build logo, to watch cooking shows, to spin and dance, to think, to try something new, to be lazy, to draw, to tell a story, to meet friends at random locations, to drive somewhere never been to, to surprise someone, to make public art, to color, to challenge self and others to see the last star, to kiss, to be happy, to be sappy, to bake breakfast, to tell loved one they are loved, to search for lost things, to talk to fairies, to do all the things…

Cross of list~

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