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in what ways do you feel your art and/ or art in general sets the tone for a (civil) societies tendencies,,, i.e., towards: peace, war, love, envy, god & the list could continue ad nauseam.
does art effect the direction of civil society, or (obviously) does civil society effect the direction of the art/ ist? & how much can artist actually control this direction?
Again here is a question from David and again a tough one to answer.
Art and artist have always pushed the boundaries and set a new way of dealing with life and the world in general. This is true today but it is not an absolute at all, I will go into that in a bit. I am sad to say, and this is what the artist and art could/should be focusing on right now, that there seems to be a growing intolerance for anything controversial, the hegemonic culture is scaring people to see the world in black and white and to be over sensitive to everyone’s feelings/beliefs unless it falls out of the “excepted norms”.
Example one, there was a news report the other day about an artist that once a year does a homage piece based off of one of the masters, this year he did “the last supper” catch was that all the apostles and Jesus were dogs (Jesus was the artist aging pet dog). It is a bright, colorful and fun portrayal of de Vinci’s original and a gallery in Florida refused to display it for the mere fact that “it might draw criticism and protest”. Come on, it was a whimsy painting and the artist said it was done in FUN, not in any else, but I think it would have been funny if you said that he was dyslexic and said he always got god and dog mixed up but I like that kind of irony/play.
As for society influencing art, it most definitely does. I was just reading an article in Modern Painters, in which they were talking about how the trend in art and art galleries is to get the big payday. In other words, artist that have gotten to a point in there work start to become a machine and great the same drivel over and over and over, I can’t remember the artist’s name but the writer of the article stats that the gallery is jammed full of 46 large works of art all sold before the show opened for 30,000$ each. The author’s opinion was that the works lacked the spark, the invention, the interest to him as the artists older work, because it was to much the same ol’ same ol’ not to mention it was a big payday. We could surmise that this art was influenced by the consumerism world, or the author was just being syndical or both.
I could also go into art movements such as pop art, but I think that is to obvious of an example to rehash again and again.
Ok, this was written in a flow so hopefully I answered your question on how I see it.
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