question 3

Are you bored with your art? It sounds like you love the process of creating art, but you lack motivation to crank out more of what you’ve been doing. You need something new (new experiences, new influence, different perspective, different form, different subject?) to inject some energy and purpose.
From Andrew
No I am not bored with my art, it is a purely a pick up the brush and do it motivational thing. I distract my self or I get pulled into different directions that keep me form doing what I want to really do. Ok it might not be a purely a motivational thing since what I think is causing the motivational think is a bout of depression that is not to bad, but just bad enough that it seems to be holding me back. Hoping that the nice weather (when it gets here and stays) will be the cure.
As for the comment part, I agree that challenging one self to do new things is a good thing to do and everyone should do it as often as possible.
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