rut and ask

What a rut I am feeling like I am in right now, it is not par se a creative block, but more of a get off my ass and get something done block. I have things I want to do and really need to do but I feel lethargic and uninterested in doing anything except maybe my habitual activities. These habits need to be broken, no, smashed into pieces to get me into a better mind frame. I need to start by experiencing something new every week, breaking insecurities, and not allow others to control my actions and emotions. To start out I feel that I need to document my progress in this endeavor both here and in other public and not so public forums.
In all truth, I started doing things that I have never done before this last week, I eat oysters (in a po’ boy mini sandwich) on Saturday and Sunday I went for breakfast at Sunny Side Up, which I have also never done. More on the documentation in a new post.
One other tool I am going to do is a project I am calling “5000/five” it will be an ambitious project for sure, but I think I want to save the official announcement until I have all the details figured out.
One last thing, and this is taken from an inspiration of mine, Pete aka, to open up the floor.
Please ask me any question you would like to about my art, my philosophy, my life, my love, anything you want, just leave your name so I know who is asking what. I will answer these questions starting April 1st and answer them in the order I have received them.

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  1. You realize the irony of starting this quest on April Fools day, I take it ;P ?
    j/k tho – it is important that we periodically break ourselves from our comfortable routines.
    Now go make a comment in my blog, bee-yotch.

  2. Are you bored with your art? It sounds like you love the process of creating art, but you lack motivation to crank out more of what you’ve been doing. You need something new (new experiences, new influence, different perspective, diffierent form, different subject?) to inject some energy and purpose.

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