old drawings found

A few months back I found two drawings at my mom’s house that I did back in college, not sure what class anymore, maybe 2d design or beginner illustration or what not.  They were of the same subject matter and done in different technique, I wouldn’t classify them as great works of art but they are ok.  Because they were skill building assignments, I categorize them differently than if I would have done them on my own conviction.

They are both pen and ink but one had some ink wash as well (see below).  If my memory serves me we where to draw something mundane and to create them very differently, can’t remember the details such as if we were given certain styles and or techniques to work form.  I did one in the style of analytical cubism and the other plays with hard lines and soft textures this gives a very different feel from the other one.  I could go on but I won’t bore you with analyzing the works.

I mainly brought them home to reuse the nice paper they were made on (archers 140# rag paper cold press) and paint over the two pieces.   They have been sitting in the hallway for a week now and Shae commented on them saying how much she liked them, she got upset when I told her my intent.  Now artists have been working over older works for centuries and I really haven’t ever thought much about it.  I am curious what others think, should I let these two drawings live?  Anyone want to give them a good home?


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