So I had poses a question on my figure drawing group, “What does the term Artist mean to you”.  I am not going to get into what was said there but I want to answer that question here.


There is a simple and complex answer to this question in my mind.  Simple answer is an artist makes art, duh, right?  Yeah, then you have the argument about what is art, chicken and the egg quandary.  I once heard someone say that art is something that has no “practical” purpose, it is because it is.  I don’t really agree with that statement either, but I think I will not go there right now. 


What do I really thing the term artist means?  Well for one an artist is someone, anyone really, who observes the world and makes or does something in reaction to it, whether overt or obtuse, abstract or realistic. 


An artist is often a person who can not, not create.  Give them a moment with a pencil and paper, and they doodle, scribble and write with out giving it a second thought.


Artists like to use their hands, their bodies, their passion in every day life.  They think, dwell, and often do things and notice things others never see.  Ex. I am always saying to Shae as we drive down the road, or sitting somewhere, I will say “look at that blankity blank, isn’t that cool how it blahdy dah!” or “that reflection in the glass is interesting how you get that double negative effect”.  She agrees and says, only you would notice that.


Really though, being an artist is a lifestyle, one not chosen but one that is a part of their (our) life everyday of every year of our life. 


I know that I come from the visual, but I must give props to my spoken word, written, dancing, film and theater and all the other creatives out there, thanks for making life worth living.

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