Morning Pages a change

{edited 31may17}

I started working on Morning Pages off and on for many years now (based off of the book The Artist Way) I would go a good 6 months or so and trail off. It always wielded some good ideas but was just more about bitching and what was going on, which is kind of the point, get out the crud so the day would be cleaner mentally.  I would start up again eventually, trail off again and the cycle has continued to now.

My problem with this method is that I get to work early and like to get up and go! Sooner there soon done plus I was finding that they just haven’t been working as advertised, I need something different.

Look, I am not a good writer to begin with, bad spelling, bad grammar. I am a painter for fucks sake!  I was in special classes for reading and spelling when I was young.  That is a story for another time though.

To my point though, I was in Big Rapids MI a few weeks ago for work, I had my MP journal with me. I hadn’t written anything for a year. Wrote one page because I couldn’t sleep anymore and I had a half an hour to kill before we had to get to the client site. Talked about where I was and what I needed to do when I got home.   After that I promptly forgot about it again even though I said I needed to work on the MP’s again.

This last week, I picked it up again. Not in the morning though, and I wrote more abstractly.  I had been thinking of all the strange and fun stuff I have done in my life to date, and what I neede*d to do to continue as I have in the past.  So that is what I wrote about. It was what I wanted to do in my next artist statement.  I do not need three pages of writing, just one.  Adding action items at the bottom (everyone needs action items) more on this later.  I will also be looking back at my ideas and following up with the past writing which is a no no in the Artist ways Morning Pages.  I also pull out an idea from the page and add it as a title for the next day or days when it feels right, I have two days of titles to write about at the moment.  I am creating a new journaling method for me based off of the MP’s, I am calling them Daily Pages, maybe, not sure.  Basically use other ideas and make them your own.  MP’s work for some but don’t follow the rules if it doesn’t work for you.




Here are my first actions items:

  • Be visual while writing
  • Be verbal while drawing (arting)
  • Be abstract while being literal
  • Combine a variety of unrelated stuff (juxtapose)
  • Forget the rules
  • Make alternative rules
  • Fuck the “man”
  • Be the “man”
  • Resist/react/change/flip/challenge

Titles so far, the myth, to riot to, label yourself, be the awesome.