New Drawing

It is amazing how a bunch of straight lines and a few squigglely ones can transform into mood and beauty, form and function.

Yes, this weekend I broke out the trusty sketch book and found a reference that felt right and I did what I have been trying and saying I am going to do for weeks if not months, which is to draw, paint, create.

I wanted to do something a bit more subtle, something with flow and softness yet a bit moody, pen and ink, in a style that is similar to what I started doing for the work from my 500 for five series.

At first, with a light pencil I started to lay the frame work and composition down.  It was a little awkward at first, gradually it started to flow so I moved over to the pen and the first bold line felt great.

Worked out the major land marks, move to lesser ones and then retraced the lines that spoke out giving weight to them.   Time flies and it is a good sign.

After I get most of the main and important areas completed I move to the bar, get a beer and finish the large and somewhat less interesting and tedious negative space, give them life, it is meditative, finish and sign.

I am happy and relieved about the drawing, turned out well.  Might pull out of sketch book , mat and frame it.

Now to draw more, work on studies and small drawing almost every day and do one or two bigger pieces per week.

This work is for sale: $35 unframed + shipping

  • The glance
  • 5.5 x 8 inches
  • Pen on archival paper
  • 2012