Drawing co-op

I wanted to take a continuing studies class at MCAD this fall, something like print making or the like.  Sadly the idea came to me to late and registration for fall was closed so I think I will start going to the open drawing co-op that they hold on Mondays.  I think it will be good to start to draw from life every week and redevelop some of those skills that I know have gotten rusty.  It is on Monday nights and is open to the public but it has no “instruction” however there is a faculty member on site to help pose the model and set time frames and stuff.  


006.jpgThis weekend I will buy a new news print sketch pad for the gesture drawings and a heavier sketch pad for longer poses.  I should also get a few different types of charcoal sticks and some pastels to experiment a little too! 

Not sure if there will be a major goal in mind for the co-op besides going out, drawing on a regular basis, improving skills and having fun.  What more is there at the moment?  It will help get back into a working mind set for this winter when I will pick up a formal class.


Weekends work w/ lessons learned

This weekend was not quite as productive as I was hoping.  I did get some things done and feel good about what I did get done but I learned a bit about what has been holding be back.  I will be writing about my ideas of artistic blocks soon but for now I want to focus on what I found I was doing or not doing and what was actually accomplished.

Let’s start with the good news, I did a drawing with a little bit of watercolor in my deconstructing the box sketchbook.  Nice to get some real drawing from life done!  I spent about a half an hour drawing a head of garlic and it turned out nice.  In hind sight I think I should have warmed up with some gestures drawings, next drawing session I will include at least ten quick drawing.  Setting up a sketch book just for that will be helpful. 


garlic.jpgI also worked on a long narrow piece of printing paper and drew the same head of garlic but it was on its head and some lemon wedges in pen.  I am going to be adding some acrylic paint and maybe some collage elements to the drawings.  I will be also adding one more element to it, not sure what yet and I am not sure if I will be cutting the piece up or leaving it whole.  At the moment the composition is not great but as I add elements this should change.  Go figure, I am drawing food, but I am planning on using these drawing as illustrations on my food blog at some point!

Now to lessons learned, I have a feeling this will be hard to write but here it goes.  Biggest problem is distraction, or allowing myself to be distracted.  Everything from internet to dishes seems to distract me at the moment.  I tried to get most of the stuff I feel I need to do before I start my art making but there always seems to be more to do.  I am not sure if this is procrastinating ploy or I just am being A.D.D. or what.  I have a feeling it is a bit of both.  Problem is I don’t have a neutral place to create art at the moment. 

I also find myself wanting to do to much at one time, gets overwhelming and paralyzing when that happens.  I need to look at the task at hand an run with it until I need to move on. Work on a piece until it tells me it needs to live and only then move on to other projects.  I think work is the culprate that gives me this problem because I am always multi tasking at work, putting out fires and doing things that need to get done NOW NOW NOW for this reason or that. 

There is more but I think I will leave it at that for now, more fodder for future posts!

No more whining about whats to come

I am realizing that I have been saying a lot about what I want to do, not what I have done or am doing.  This will be changing as soon as the next post.  I started some interesting new works today and got some stuff and ideas for more works to come soon!  I feel like I have all these ideas but no time or energy to follow through, but I am now changing some life style stuff to make it more conducive to GET SHIT DONE.  Some of the projects that I have been working on have already really been inspiring me to do even more. 


908.jpgAs a testament to this, the amount of posts that I have been doing in the past few days should indicate this new movement, and I am committed to continue with the direction no matter what.


So I was going to state what is in the pick then I thought better of it so wait and you shall see!

Thinking~ finding time

I thought I had a lot to say today, apparently work had other thoughts and make all my thoughts dribble out of my head through my ear and it is now all puddling up on the floor.  (this was writen on Thursday)

With that said, I am trying to have more quiet time lately, especially in the morning.  I am making a point of not turning on the radio, which can be a huge distraction and directs my thoughts to the stories that are being covered, yes, I usually listen to talk radio (MPR).  I have a 40 minute drive so I would like to utilize this time as idea generating time and to enjoy some of the natural sites that I encounter.  The mornings are often beautiful with the sun rise and cloud formations and fog on occasion in the outlying areas that I have to go to but I digress…

ghosting.jpgWhat does one think about?  I wonder that a lot, when people think, what do they think about.  As for me, I like to think about the projects I am working on and projects ideas for the future.  Meaning of things I see and what I hear.  Inter-relationships of seemingly unrelated objects, ideas, events etc…

I do bounce around a lot though, it is a problem I have and I have talked a lot about it over the years, that one word that is ever allusive “focus”…  I guess I get bored easily and find myself jumping around.  Even this post seems to be all over.

I am curious though, what do you think about?

studio time

It’s been to long since I made it into the studio even though I have a few projects in mid creation I also have an exciting concept for a series that I need to start on soon, I should flush out the ideas a bit more and maybe start working on some studies. So his weekend I am planning on hitting some of these projects with the goal of finishing the small nude I am working on, flush out and start the studies that I just mentioned. This means I will have to prep today so everything is clean and I can just jump into these projects, I get way to distracted when there is a mess.
I am also hoping to get some artsy illustrations done for my food blog www.fromthefryingpan.com. Some of the thought behind doing the illustration work is A. getting some nice custom art on my site B. to hone some of my illo skills while developing a working style that I like and that I can start to market into the publishing world. Killing more than a few birds with one stone is a good thing!
Big picture will be to get back into good studio practices and work creatively more often. Create a solid portfolio within the context of my other projects and maybe take a few continuing study classes to enhance and drive the creative end game. I am thinking of a print class and a multi-media (maybe something with Photoshop and Illustrator) class to start off with. Then I could move into some classes about art/design marketing and other classes that I never got to take when at art school.
Oh, I also have to restock my studio. Not that I do a ton of acrylic stuff but what I have is all old and some of it is dried up, hard to work with a limited pallet, it is good to do as an exercise once and a while but not all the time. Also need to restock my oils and some brushes. I would also like to get some gauche and play around with them too. Ok, maybe I will do a little at a time, not I need to (what have I said about focus before?)
All over the place~