New series, Memoir?

After weekends like the last few, I have come to the conclusion that I NEED to funnel all my frustrations into my art work, nothing new to art and artist I know but I need to refocus this energy that has been holding me back to create more relative and interesting art.  Life has thrown a lot at me in the last half decade, fodder for inspiration (good and bad) to focus on. Words to describe what I am talking about are not important at the moment.  They will be, I have a feeling, soon as I contemplate the direction and strategy that I am going to take.  There a growing need, verging on a desperate need in me to get these emotions out that is positive for me.  Positive may also mean painful as these issues are not simple to deal with. 

Is there a genre of memoir art?  The liking of the novel but memoir through the use of art alone, believe me I know art has a lot of personal reflection of the individual artist but what about really looking at the creation of art as memoir in itself?  This might be a concept I explore within the greater context of this new project. 


air.jpgMy goal is to write up a more detailed concept within the next few weeks detailing the scope and concepts that will be explored, subject matters and what outcomes may be expected, and what to do with the unexpected outcomes.  Where will this be shown?  All that jazz.  Studies and prep-work shall be an ongoing activity from here on out as well. 

Some themes that will surely come up are disease, alcohol and alcoholism, dyeing, coping with abuse (inflicted by self and others), social awkwardness, self esteem, love, obsession, other stuff and a combination there of. 

(mind is flowing with ideas at the moment, excuse me as brain starts to explode over everything, god what a mess)

quote credit banksy