Accident (happy)

I think there is no better thing in art then the accident or happy accident if you will.  Let me define what I really mean by accident here, what I am meaning is an act of surprise and unintentional consequences, whether intended to be introduced or caused unintentionally by other actions.  It is an element of surprise and should be embraced as part of where the work of art is going.  It is the “ah ha” moment that an open mind can find new meaning, direction or whys of seeing a new. 

I work with the intent of creating these accidents.  I like using drips and splattering paint as a vehicle to achieve randomness and unintended patterns, layers, color combinations.  I use it as a way to build up, mute back and alter areas of a painting that is not quite working for me.  It lets me see things differently, where I can improve and where I might need to fix things.

Other things I like to do is to turn the canvas around and work on it from a different view point.  It is amazing all the mistakes you can see when the painting is upside down or you are looking at it in a mirror.  They just jump out at you!

Now not every accident is happy, so be open to accidents causing grief sometimes, but you can always go back and fix it, after all its only art!

non working artist, rise of the pheonix?

The last few years have been a major challenge for me, and for one I don’t want to go through it again as I had done.  It was riff with frustration, sadness, grief and what I will call depression even though it was something a bit different from that.  This time period I became content with not working and thinking about my life’s work, mainly art and conceptualism which makes me feel empty inside.  Of course I had spits of creativeness here and there and I tried to get back on track several times, I just couldn’t hold on at those times.  With some focus, and some effort I am planning on rising out of the ashes and as a phoenix fly with fire and passion to new opportunities. 


Some things that brought me down that I should have used my art for recently was the lose of my employment, the illness and final passing of my beloved father (I did a little bit but not as much as I should have), going out and drinking to much, lack of motivation, and letting others get in the way of what I need to do for myself.


Some things I am going to do, write every day, start up an new figure drawing group, set up a food blog, blog here more and finish updating this site, oh and MAKE MORE ART