new beginnings

I have been meaning to comment on our last question (and get a new on out) but it has been way to nice out for me to stay focused on anything at all.  So here it goes, I really do not believe in the proverbial “artist block” for me it is distractions of life, depression and/or dealing with other people’s stuff that is gets in my way or creative pursuits.  Some times it is sheer laziness.  I have the desire but I can not get the will power to get off my butt to do the work.  With in the last year or so, I have been suffering form this.


I am going to call the “block” an artistic shutdown, that I feel I am suffering is a multi tiered event.  The losing of my job over a year ago, pushed me into a bit of a depression and complacency that got the ball rolling.  My girl then had something bad happen to her which took a lot of my time to resolve.  Then my dad got gravely ill, I spent the better part of four months visiting him most every day until he passed this fall.  All which added to the depression and zapped a lot of my drive to do anything and keep those creative juices flowing. 


Normally to get around it, I would pick up pen and paper and just do, even if it is just scribbling in note book or what have you.  However I keel that this has gotten to bad, so a am also working my way through the “artist’s way” by Julia Cameron.  The author suggests that it is often self doubt, that will cause blocks especially when it come to your inner voice telling you that you are no good or you will go crazy if you are an artist.  I have never felt like that or really care to get into that state of mind.  I still like some of the stuff she says about feeding your artist and feeding the creative well that will help get you motivated. 


Some things that I am doing to help my creative self is by writing every morning and doing something for my creative self every week. 


I am going to start blogging regularly about said stuff starting this week. Feel free to keep up with me on this journey.