little about my dad

yesterday was a very draining and sad day, we had a last care conf for my dad and we decided to withdrew antibiotic/anti-fungal medications and we plan to compassionately decanulate him most likely on Friday. I am glad he was lucid for yesterday, we got to joke around with him, tell his favorite stories that he always love to tell us, he smiled and laughed with us, maybe even for us.  It was probably the most important time I got to have with him in the last 4 or so months and i will hold it in my heart forever as the last time we got to see him lucid (the pain meds they are now giving him most likely will keep him sedated and sleepy) I love my dad oh so very much and this has been the hardest thing for me to watch and do.

thanks to everyone for all your prayers and support, it means the world to me and my family

trying to find buisness ideas

I would really like to figure out some type of business that I could start up that would use web and social networking sites as a foundation.  Something like managing the online personalities for businesses/bars/restaurants and the like.  Wonder if there is a market for this? And if so, how much one could charge a month for something like that?  Creative Network Solutions for a base name maybe?  ok, I am just thinking out-loud but I am sick of looking for non existent jobs, that is for sure!