few word of non insperation

I wish I could talk more about some of the things that inspire me and what I think of this or that but I really feel that the onslaught of bad luck and weird other commitments that I find my self engaged with are holding me back. 


It is amazing how life can drain so much out of ones self and how your own personal demons can also set you to a path that is not compatible to success.  I am trying to think about some of the things I said to an artist friend in Seattle today about turning the negatives into positive and redirect bs into forces to make one better…  I truly believe what I said but I also need to follow that train of thought, what I need is focus and focus is what I will find.


I want to also get my web and graphic portfolio up to day and filled out, so I will be offering my services to those in need for a price that they can afford (pro bono if need be) soon, so please if you have need in these areas let me know…  I will get some more word about this soon as much as a reminder if nothing else…


Cheers and have a great night/day

drawing from last week

hand study, hoping to get some more drawing/painting done today but first must visit dad. he is getting a lot better btw, was off the vent overnight the day before, hopefully last night too…
i am hoping to get a drawing done every day in the deconstructing the box sketchbook, we will see if that works or not but it is a good goal to have

from a little while ago

from the walker art center’s sculpture garden, st mark’s

clover flower and real flower at the walker art center’s sculpture garden
both in the deconstructing the box sketch book