note on the day

Today I am planning on getting some stuff done, first of all I want to get into the studio and get some painting done.  I also have an AutoCAD drawing that I am planning on finishing for a small freelance job I am working on.  The other big job I think I will be doing is re-photographing all my art that is lying around the house, it is such a nice sunny day that I think it will be a great day for it.  I mainly like the thought of having them mostly consistent with my nice camera!


My website needs a good going over, oh hell, I will say it, it needs a good redesign.  I am planning to add useful content also, stuff that I see people are searching for in my analytics.  The first such thing, strangely enough, will be tutorials for book binding, will start that today and add as I go along.  Yeah, I get a lot of searches for Coptic binding and book binding tutorials.  The other big area will be my gallery, finely found a good spry web 2.0 photo gallery that I am going to modify (be lots easier then what I tried to do before) so it will be easier to update, and god knows I need easy!


Need to make some more ad rev from my site so at least I can pay for its self.


Will go see mom today at some point, she comes home from the hospital tomorrow, saw my dad the last four days so I will take a day off from him today, but he is getting better too, but still a long road before he can leave.

only visited dad today

yesterday i had visited both mom and dad, today i could only do one hospital, i do have to say that it can really be wearing on a person to go to two places and deal with it all.  I have  been trying to get to see dad more though since he has been going through this for so much longer and will be recovering still for months.  now that he is more alert he will need more support and encuragment too. 

mom was really tired yesterday and still had very high blood pressure, and heart rate with little appitite, today on the phone she sounded much more refreshed and better over all.  she will be going home soon is the hope, but there may be a week stop in a nursing home which she does not want in the least.  we will see though…

dad has been having phy-therapy daily and they thought he would be fitted with a dome trake, which will allow him to talk all the time

light my way

new painting from today,
10.5 x 17 inches
oil on paper
the photo of it is not that great, need it to dry a bit for it to not glare

icu dad

did this drawing before my dad got a trake, he is doing beter but is in a long term care place to finish getting better and get rehab after being in the icu for over a month…