feeling a bit low

not sure how to fix the me thing right now, i feel lazy, poor about my self, there is this growing anger that seems to be bubbling under the surface, moody and overall unlike myself. the resent weather has helped a bit but other outstanding circumstances have not…

i think it is a disconnected feeling with stuff or self and money is now really tight now, that is always a stresser for me…

i want to create but this stress is really holding me back, i know, just do it and it will come, i preach that all the time and now i am holding myself back. stupid is it not?

i am also feeling anti-social too, this is funny cause i can be quiet and intraverted but this is even worse then normal!

will be ok, just need to vent to my self…

new drawings

Cropped female
pen on paper (deconstructing the box sketchbook)
an experement

pen, acrylic on paper (deconstructing the box sketchbook)
not overly happy with both of these, i like some things, dislike others. porportions are a big problem, i didn’t think so untill after seeing them on the puter…

Woman dimensions I & II

These two were not really ment to be together but they are since the same source is used, just negative space plays on the reverse. fun experiment, not sure if i am sold on it yet…

would like to know your reaction to these!

a little redesign

i did a little re-design of the blog, will still do a little tweeking but for now it is feeling good to me.  i also added an easier way to add commets, so you can use your livejournal, open source, moveable type or annon (with anti spam code) so feel free and comment!