Went to a fun show on Thursday night at the varsity theater, it was interesting Aussie girl named Lenka.

a little live video i captured of part of a song

She is adorable, here is a bad photo of after the show where she is giving a fan a hug, I did not want to feel like a creepy old guy (even though she is 30 or so) and get one too so i just snapped a pic, still kinda creepy 🙂

as the days go…

being “involintaraly leisured” has made me lethargic and moody. first off, i am not motivated to do anything, been forcing myself to be proactive about job hunting and going to the gym but not much more is happening. a little photoshop practice i guess but no art has been done yet. I need to just get off my duff and paint or draw or create…
I guess this has made me a bit depressed, but i know that i am qualified and a great worker so some place will be very happy when they realize i should be the one they hire…
I am going to a show at the varsity tomorrow, and have shuffle board tonight so that will get me going!

full time artist

besids the job of job hunting, i am going to take the this time to be a full time artest (what ever that means) and create, think, read, expariment and try to get a show somewhere.
besides that, I am hoping to sell some art by being more agressive in on-line marketing, not sure what that means yet either but that is apart of the adventure.
Oh, and I am hoping to get some freelance web site/graphic design gigs too, do you need any or know anyone who might?

follow me into my quest to take over the world!

fab 041

this drawing is from a project done over at the figure drawing factory.




charcoal, conte and pastel on paper

22.5 x 30.5 inches


i made a  little video of the creation of this drawing, not sure if i will edit it and post it though…

gaza conflict

it has broken my heart that the middle east has erupted into violence again, however I do not have much sympathy for the Hamas leadership and blame there idiotic and haphazard ideology for the lose of life and making the Palestinian people suffer more.


First of all, choosing to let the cease fire laps then lobbing mortar attacks across the boarder is like poking a sleeping bear who needs medication to keep its temper in check.  what do you think Israel was going to do? 


I am sure this is what Hamas wanted anyway, that is way they launch these attacks, keep stores of arms and hide in and around homes with women and children around.  It is easier to garner support from the Arab world if it is kids you are burying then militants. 


What Hamas needs to realize is that even though Arabs go out and protest in large numbers, burning Israeli and US flags, throw stones and what have you, they will not, as history has shown, will not rise up and fight out-right for your cause.  It was shown when Hezbollah in Lebanon fought with Israel a few years back. 


my heart goes out to all the Palestinians and Israelis that are in the cross fire of there political situation…


from the deconstructing the box series

pen on found paper and acrylic