nothing to important

Will it never stop, I mean me, it seems that I can not seem to catch up with stuff and I am putting more on my plate all the time…


Not much of an exiting nature to report at this time, my little project has had some minor successes that are so minor that I feel that I should not even mention.  The only problem is that there has been little time to really “get it chugging along” and work in my sketch/journal book. 


I have several photos that I should and now that I think about it, will post now…





Gords in NC





painted turtle sunbathing


I am quite upset at the moment, I have been awake since 2 am up by 4 am and at work by 6am, because of it.  With out going into detail, I hate when someone says shit that they have no right saying shit about especially to someone who will and did take it wrong.  I have no time for that and it should not effect me as it is, unfortunately I am letting it bug me and on top of that the whole overlying thing could be turned around in so many directions.


At least I got a walk in this morning, which was nice.  Forgot how nice 4 am can look and sound.  The birds where busily singing away and there was this wonderful low dull softness of automatic sprinklers doing there thing…


Went back home and checked emails, but was unable to answer any, just wasn’t in the mood I guess, so I hoped an early bus and made it downtown by the ungodly hour of 6 am.  The only good thing about that is that it is really quiet and peaceful then.  To my dismay the two talkative ladies that site in the cube on either side of me came to break the silence oh to soon. 


Need caffeine is my only thought but since I got in at 6 am none of the stores close by are open as they shunt be, the wait ensues for morning break…


the journey has begun

Alright, the leg has lifted, weight been shifted forward and the foot placed back on the ground (the first step has been taken) in the Deconstruction of the Box.  I found a small sketch book that I bought last winter and not touched since and have now dedicated it to being my journal for this project.  It is small enough to carry around and I will usually have a small arsenal of pens, pencils, glue sticks and the like that I will be able to carry around with me if I so feel like it (just like the old days). 

On a smaller note too, this morning I passed on picking up a Pepsi at the corner store before catching the bus.  I usually do for a little morning eye opener, albeit I bet I break down at some point today and have one, damn you Pepsi for being my Achilles heel!  (that last part as sound as if John Stewart said it)  This is something I want to quite having to have on a daily basis.  I had kicked the habit for over a year but I picked up the habit again after I started my current job, and it has been getting worse and worse lately.  I don’t need the empty calories (can’t stand the taste of the diet products and don’t trust there side effects either)

I am sure some of you (especially on LJ) have noticed that I have been writing a ton more then I had been in the recent past.  This has really primed me up for this endeavor and hopefully will continue to push me in positive directions.  I am also hoping that this will improve my somewhat lacking writing skills to at least an adequate level of writing.  I am not planning on writing the great American novel or anything but it would be nice to be a better writer. 

(please note that this was writen 2 days ago, just had time to post it)


deconstructing the box~

I tend to be a very habitual being, this is something I do not like about my self and have tried to change at times which can be rather hard when the s.o. is also like that. The good think is, I am not quite to the point of being obsessive/compulsive, or am I?
I don’t think I need to bore you with all the details but I will highlight some of the things I do on a regular basis. I like to take the same bus to work, and go on breaks at the same time and walk the same or nearly the same path (indoor when not nice and outside when it is nice). I have several lunch places that I obsess about, throughout the week but they come and go with me (after I get totally sick of one I find a new one to take its place). Happy hour is one of two places for the most part even though I like to try other places, I do like to hang out with the people I know well. There are a ton of other examples, however I do not think this is a problem that I alone possess, it is something most people do to one degree or another.
My point is that, I need to change some of these habits to more beneficial and productive ones. Why not try to take over the world! Ok, how about getting all that energy back into art works and focus on expanding my horizons? I think that is what I will have to challenge my self on and try to document the progress here in a weekly update. I know that this is going to be a multi-process endeavor that I will need to think about and plan carefully to become successful.
Ha, I could call it “deconstruction of the box”, not a bad idea for a project and I could also create/start an art-journal (on real paper) to add a layer of complexity, not unlike books like “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards but different, something that I can use better. Now that I think about it, I might go back to that book as an inspiration to this project but tailor it to my own liking, since I find it can be a bit flowery for me…
***Note to self, think about big picture and think about baby steps also use Chuck Close’s new paintings as example to this end***
More on above note as I develop thought…
Ok, my LJ friends are rolling their eyes at me since I have tried this before, however this is a good time for me to take a good fresh start at this…


In spite of Mother’s Day, I did get a few things done this weekend.  My biggest achievement was getting my Daily Photo Project updated on DeviantArt.  I was so behind on uploading them that it stretched all the way back into March, yes almost 2 full months behind, so I broke it up into 3 groups and slowly got them all up!  I seemed to pick up some new friends in the process, and a whole bunch of comments and favorites, mostly the fav’s were from the May photos.  It is always nice to get nice comments there.


Feel free to check them out at if you like.  I do post some of the one I do like here once and a while as some of you already know. 


I did get a short bike ride in on Saturday, just over 7 miles, once around Lake Herriot and once around Lake Calhoun.  It was nice and quiet on the trails since it was looking like rain and it was a bit cool out.  This made me happy since I did not have to dodge people the whole time. 


I also made it to the Walker Art Center, I saw the Richard Prince show.  In truth, I really did not know anything about him or his work prior to this show.  Interesting and innovative is all I am going to say for now.  I want to make it back there and investigate his work more and then write a quick review and thoughts about the work.  There are some challenging things there and an interesting play on sexuality in his work.


Mother’s Day was fine, we went to see my mom and had brunch with the family close to there place.  Food was fine and it was nice seeing the siblings however Shae did not eat as much since she is NOT a meat and potato kind of gal, and meat and potatoes was the main product of the brunch.  I bought my mom a hibiscus plant for the deck, really pretty pink flowers on it with a lot of buds so it should flower most of the summer. 


I also helped Shae edit some photos for a report she had to write, other then that we hooked up with our friend sherry for a bit and chilled out for a while, and went to bed .


On a final note, I am thinking of doing a Photo of the Week type project.  Not sure what this might intail but so far, on nice photo from the week taken with my d-slr camera.  It might be a good way to get me to pull it out more.  I do think I need a hook to it though, but unsure what that might be…

what a week so far…

Yeah, i have been working my butt off this week, close to having a 50 hour week.  I wish that was art time but no, I must work a real job that saps me right out… 

Besides working, i have been tweaking the web site and adding “google ads” to it so that the site can pay for its self.  I know, I know, it is a bit against principle but hey, I am just a capitalistic whore!

I am also adding affiliates so I can sell things like books and art supplies from here too, that is coming soon, but will not be to invasive.  just an added service and a little pocket change i guess  🙂

Oh, i am also going to create a book review on my site soon!  I have been reading a nice eclectic variety of stuff lately and i think it would be fun to review them.

a little something

have several post started but i have not been able to finsh them so i will leave you with a photo a day picture:

i am behind dearly on uploading them to da

sundays whatsits

Yep, shuffle board playoffs basically sucked ass, lot of waiting around since we had a by and then 2 teams (from the Wednesday league) did not show up so things got all shuffled around (pun intended).  It was mostly that we just played like hell, when we finely got to play.   It was nice that my friend Scott showed up, he had some time to kill before he had to help his wife with taking down the KFAI stuff down at Powder Horn Park’s May Day Festival. 


I invited Scott over for a little homebrew tasting after he was done helping his wife, he home brews also so we like to compare.  While waiting I got groceries and a chimney charcoal starter.  Oh, which reminds me, I am getting less and less tolerant of other peoples children, the store I go to is a smaller “fancier” type of store so it is mostly pretty mellow.  Yesterday was kind of crazy there; kids were running right in front of my cart and getting in the way.  The big problem is this store has little kid carts, so as I was going done the narrowest aisle, this mother walks in front of me, her one kid too both cutting me off as it were, her littlest, I am guessing he was 3ish, comes plowing at me with his little cart, his head down and smack, right into my cart.  Yeah, I saw him coming but there was not much room for me to move so I let him hit me.  The thought was that he could learn a lesson that he needs to pay attention to others.  He could have rammed into an elderly person and really hurt them.  The other lesson was geared at the mother to pay closer attention to her kids.  After he plowed into me, I looked right into his eyes and said sternly to him “you better watch where you are going”, the mother had the gall to say that I was crabby, Fuck yeah I was crabby, your stupid kid just rammed into my cart, I retorted to her that she better watch her kid a little better before someone gets hurt. 


I usually blow crap like that off, since kids are kids, but I felt a bit disrespected the whole time at the store with kids and parents having no courtesy or respect for other people around them that I felt obliged to say something.  I degrees though, what was I talking about?


Oh yeah, so after the store I prepped my stake, the chicken, mushrooms and potatoes, for dinner before he came over.  Since I was going to start the grill, I figured that I would make some bbq’ed chicken for lunch for the next couple of days.  We had a nice couple of beers and talked about life and politics and beer and music to boot.  I was also happy that Pam came with him, haven’t seen her in a long time.  They were both pooped from hauling stuff back to the car so they did not stick around which was fine since it was getting dark and I needed to grill yet. 


I was almost done grilling when Shae made it home, she elected to get Little T’s for dinner so I eat while she chatted on the phone with her mom and went to bed. 


I am hoping we can hang out a bit today it is wonderfully nice again so maybe a nice walk would be nice, it seems as if we have been going and going since we got back from NC.




what weekend, yesterday i put in 4.5 hours of work in, so i am sitting at 5.5 hours of ot already for the week. this could end up being a 10 hour ot week. the money will be great to have but the burn out factor will increase…
on another note, today i have the final play offs for shuffle board at the herkimer, my brother and i are in first place but we will be (more then likely) facing off with the team called the “champs” and they have won every league playoff since it started. in other words it is going to be hard to over throw them, but our time is now, wish us luck!
if you are in town, stop by after 1 pm and cheer us on.
other then that, not much to report so here is an old photo: