question #7

Hi Doug
my question is if you have ever modelled / posed for other artists, if so how did you feel about the experience and in what way if any did it impact on how you make your own art.
This is from hessiandag
It is quite interesting question, and I did sit for someone once but under strange situations. I had been sitting in on a figure drawing class that a friend and mentor was teaching, she said that I should come in and draw with her students, they would not know the difference and there was plenty of room. Later in the class, one of the assignments was to pair up with a fellow classmate and draw from each other outside of class. It did not have to be nude but it could be. Now I didn’t have to do any of the assignments, but I was doing them as they came up. I agreed to partner up with this cute girl that I had been talking too a bit. She had a boyfriend so I thought it would be harmless.
She came over one night so we could do the drawings, she wanted to pose first and she was happy to do pose nude. I think I offered her a beer or some wine to relax her a bit. I consider my self a professional and act like one while drawing with a model. Every thing went well, the drawings turned out and we had nice chat, however I should have caught the red flag that was waving and hitting me in the head when she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend this last week (can you see were this is going). After I was done drawing, she just sat there naked talking and stuff. She finely decided to do some drawing and I posed nude for her. Now she was not very good when it came to drawing and by now she really did not seem into drawing, I can’t recall for sure if she was fully dressed at that time, I am thinking not though. She rushed through her several drawings, and I could tell she was agitated at me. She then sat on the bed and asked if I was going to sleep with her or not. What pissed me of the most, I figured out that she was still seeing her boyfriend at the time, not surprised but still.
As you can see, I was trying to be professional and I got burnt and I have not posed for anyone else, not saying I wouldn’t pose for the right person or anything. I thought it was quite interesting, seeing the intimacy of drawing from a live model as the model makes be understand how they can feel especially if they are not professionals at it. This was not the last time a model was upset for not having the opportunity to “do something” after the art making was done. Not sure if others have had this happen, but I do try not to be the stereo type as a cheating sex addict artist, work is work, play is play.
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question #6

Question 6
historically, at least from what we can conduce from relics/ artifacts left from ancients, one sees artists in the past being much more revered than today. it seems it was felt support i.e., money, patronage etc,,, of the individual as artist was as if not more important to society then the massive build up of armies and techniques of defense/ destruction. Now we cut funds to the artist to an almost nonexistent amount and we bury ourselves & our progeny in debt to fund war & destruction. how does this effect your output as artist? #A. do you think this is a “good” for our society, or not? #B do you believe the ancient (Greek) ideal of a well rounded civilization is worth emulating?/ as opposed to where our current society seems headed?
Big question, again from david, (ok, I am a bit behind but it is my game so 😛 )
I would like to preface this with some commentary to set some things on the table.
First off, I think that war and art go hand in hand as some of the oldest cultural inventions and primal instincts of humanity. Conquest has often been the subjects of the arts as a glorious endeavor almost as a religious ecstasy, not to mention the recording of historic fact. There was less of a “protest” of war until as of late. Goya is the earliest example of war protest that I can think of, then there is Otto Dix and Picasso, and maybe Max Beckmann are some later examples. Da Vinci was a well known weapons designer, and war machine innovator. Hitler was a failed artist. The Greeks were fierce warriors and their arts were an important part of life, along with the Egyptians and Romans etc…
Ok, this is just a little ramble of thought that will lend to what I now have to say (I really could write a theses about art and war in a historical context (book title could be art and war, the intimacy of love and hate)).
Now to the questions at hand and I might sound cynical, but art funding at currant rates is completely wrong and despicable. I think the government would rather have people in front of the tv and passive instead out in the world thinking and making a stink about what is really going on. Artist can change perspectives and also change the course of events by allowing people to think and by saying something. This war is draining funds the growth of America, and making the world even more dangerous then it was before the towers fell. I do say that when conflict is abound, the arts and artist do seem to get more active and concerned with what is going on so that might be the silver lining.
I think part #A was answered but on to part #B, I really don’t think that the Greeks were perfect, they had some great ideas and we should be aware of them, but they were a warring culture also. My wish is that we could learn from the past and have a fusion of the best parts of all cultures and beliefs. I do have to say the road we are on now is dangerous and we need to change course now.
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a few words

Violence is at such a high saturation rate right now in the world. It has gotten to the point that I heard someone say the other day that they were happy for having a break from the Iraqi war stuff on all the news stations, they were referring to the Virginia Tech massacre. I know they did not mean they were happy 33 people died at the hands of a crazy guy, just that it was different kind of violence then the onslaught of car/suicide bombings, ied’s, greenzone, solders deaths and all the other crap going on in Iraq. Could it be that one kind of violence gets old and mundane? Really, are we that numb, we have our own lives to live to give much of a rat’s ass to care to much. Yes, I know there is a lot of out pouring for the victims and survivors at VT but I have seen a lot more insensitivity.
In the yahoo drawing group that I helped found, there was a lady that said the world needs more art now then ever (in response to VT) make pretty paintings and drawings is what she was getting at, I think the quote was “the world need beauty more now then ever, we need to keep doing that”. While I agree with her to a point of stay focused and make “pretty art”, I am starting to think artist need to pull up and commentate on the worlds violence and insanity. Artist of today, more and more, are afraid of offending people, all that pc crap, which leads into not selling their art. More so I think the gallery owners are more afraid in alienating there patrons and not making the sale then standing up with an artist and saying, look at this, it is fucked up but so is the world and this is a true representation of the world right now so do something that matters damn-it. Is it that the galleries believe that the art buying public is a group of driveling idiots that can not get past the ideology of their beliefs and see the art as art with a message as a communication of ideas that could/should be talked about and not just a bunch of color and lines that make a “pretty picture.”
There was something else I heard someone say when I was out this last week, “never talk about art, religion or politics at the bar”, I think that these are the only things you should talk about at the bar. Just not with everyone!
Stand up and make a difference…
Peace out

question #5

in what ways do you feel your art and/ or art in general sets the tone for a (civil) societies tendencies,,, i.e., towards: peace, war, love, envy, god & the list could continue ad nauseam.
does art effect the direction of civil society, or (obviously) does civil society effect the direction of the art/ ist? & how much can artist actually control this direction?
Again here is a question from David and again a tough one to answer.
Art and artist have always pushed the boundaries and set a new way of dealing with life and the world in general. This is true today but it is not an absolute at all, I will go into that in a bit. I am sad to say, and this is what the artist and art could/should be focusing on right now, that there seems to be a growing intolerance for anything controversial, the hegemonic culture is scaring people to see the world in black and white and to be over sensitive to everyone’s feelings/beliefs unless it falls out of the “excepted norms”.
Example one, there was a news report the other day about an artist that once a year does a homage piece based off of one of the masters, this year he did “the last supper” catch was that all the apostles and Jesus were dogs (Jesus was the artist aging pet dog). It is a bright, colorful and fun portrayal of de Vinci’s original and a gallery in Florida refused to display it for the mere fact that “it might draw criticism and protest”. Come on, it was a whimsy painting and the artist said it was done in FUN, not in any else, but I think it would have been funny if you said that he was dyslexic and said he always got god and dog mixed up but I like that kind of irony/play.
As for society influencing art, it most definitely does. I was just reading an article in Modern Painters, in which they were talking about how the trend in art and art galleries is to get the big payday. In other words, artist that have gotten to a point in there work start to become a machine and great the same drivel over and over and over, I can’t remember the artist’s name but the writer of the article stats that the gallery is jammed full of 46 large works of art all sold before the show opened for 30,000$ each. The author’s opinion was that the works lacked the spark, the invention, the interest to him as the artists older work, because it was to much the same ol’ same ol’ not to mention it was a big payday. We could surmise that this art was influenced by the consumerism world, or the author was just being syndical or both.
I could also go into art movements such as pop art, but I think that is to obvious of an example to rehash again and again.
Ok, this was written in a flow so hopefully I answered your question on how I see it.
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question #4

okay, a question?
they say an artist is always in their art.
lots of the imagery in your work has “undertones” of actual images of you.
other then this aspect of your painting/ art what other recurring images in your work are/ is symbolic of “you”.
and follow up, why are these other images symbolic of “you”
in other words, what is it, whether psychological, physical or other wise that connects you to these images in such a way that they represent you.

Good question again!
Hell, I could write a dissertation on this, but I will touch on some points and fill it out as I think more about this subject in the future, or if someone asks a follow up to it that is.
I will begin by saying most artists intentionally or unintentionally add aspects of self into there work and I am not unusual in this.
One of the biggest symbols that I feel reflects me that is not obvious, I think is the heart. Not because I have a beating heart, or that it in vital for life. That is quite obvious, it is more because I am sensitive and loving to a fault at times, my heart can get in the way, it is a symbol of my humanism as it were. My mortality, after all life is a fatal endeavor…
The morphed abstract faces also represents self, this one is a little more complicated but not to bad. Lot of people see them as sad, or dark, not to unlike people see me. I don’t see them the same way, there is much more subtlety to them than that. They are paintings of transcending, spirit/soul in thought. An introverted look at self, as one is not paying attention to outward expression. This make me wonder if people who smile to much are wearing a mask because they are to insecure to look inward and only look outward and care to much about what others think. Just a passing thought
I also think that the process of working reflects me in the art as well. I work in a way that it thought out with elements of randomness that could only come from the “happy accident” letting things happen to enhance the piece/life. Also I don’t care to dilly over anything for to long, in life and in work.
I hope this answers your questions well enough.
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question 3

Are you bored with your art? It sounds like you love the process of creating art, but you lack motivation to crank out more of what you’ve been doing. You need something new (new experiences, new influence, different perspective, different form, different subject?) to inject some energy and purpose.
From Andrew
No I am not bored with my art, it is a purely a pick up the brush and do it motivational thing. I distract my self or I get pulled into different directions that keep me form doing what I want to really do. Ok it might not be a purely a motivational thing since what I think is causing the motivational think is a bout of depression that is not to bad, but just bad enough that it seems to be holding me back. Hoping that the nice weather (when it gets here and stays) will be the cure.
As for the comment part, I agree that challenging one self to do new things is a good thing to do and everyone should do it as often as possible.
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2nd question

You realize the irony of starting this quest on April Fools day, I take it
;P ?
This one is from Pete, not the one that ask the first one though, wow the first two questions are from two different Petes, isn’t that something? As a side note, I do now this Pete in real life.
yes I do realize the irony, I think it is quite fun(ny) to be taking on a serious quest on a fool’s day.
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updates to web sit

good news, i am currently working on updating the site! the home page as a few improvements including a recent works area. the painting and drawing galleries are getting a very needed facelift and updated with new stuff, apperently i have been way to lazy to update the images for way to long.
please come back soon to see all the wonderful changes!