work in progress

I have been working on this painting for several weeks now, it is not done yet however I thought it should live a bit.
like a lot of my current work, the heart has made an appearance however it has taken the iconic/graphic look instead of the more literal hearts of the past. I am not sure if I like it yet or not. I am leaning toward it but there are some other issues that I need to work out before I can say for sure.
the bone like structures have made a cameo also, I think they are nice so far, gives the female form something to “lean onâ€? I am still undecided to what will happen next…

newness of a new bloggy blog

Welcome to my new an improved blog! My attempt with this blog is not just to have it as a way to share my current art works with the world at large but my process and thoughts behind it too.
ok so not so interesting you say, how about if I throw in commentary about the local and international art world to add some “intellectual value� to this blog?
stuffy you say, ok agreed. how about I also just act as I am and be silly and act impromptu? getting better? odd commentary about every weird thought I have. interesting things I find to pass along and of course art.
naked pictures (now I got you) of me (oh, there you run)
get back here, I was just joking…
a bit about blogging and me, I have been blogging since I think it has been april 03 on other formats ( and have embedded that blog here, I have gotten sick of the other platform embedded idea and got a new fancy stand alone in my website blogging system to focus on the arts and that professional “artist� self, what ever that means.
please note, the current design is in progress and will be modified until I finely like it, movable type has been my nemesis for the last week, but I shall prevail!
don’t forget to say hi!