The gods have had some cruel plans for me and goals I have set forth.  They through two last minute work trip at me consisting of 9 days on 12 hours a day with 5 days home and repeat the fun and joy again.  I got some drawing done in the hotel bar and only have (1) one page left until that book is done!

It was interesting, while I was drawing an older couple was watching me intently and finally asked what I was drawing and what kind of art I do.  Tossed them the sketchbook and they started flipping through it, commenting and asking questions.  I spent some time talking to them, especially her, she is an inspiring artist, wanting to create after she retires and was intent on asking about process and the like.  He found a drawing that really talk to him, asked if he could buy it!  I don’t often sell right out of the sketchbook but this drawing had no sentimental value so I said sure.

deep in the urban jungle
deep in the urban jungle

While I was between trips I did get some paintings worked on, one almost done and two started.  I thing they will need their own post however.

Back to painting tomorrow!

The Dog Days of Winter

The days of late have been dark, gray and cold. The urge of putting paint to canvas has been strong but the world has thwarted the attempt more than a few times. Some self-imposed but mostly the world has been crapping in the bed. What a mess!

In spite of the difficulties, I have almost finished one of the new painting I started a little bit ago and finished a small “coaster” painting that was started years ago, not to mention I have a 4 coasters ready to go, more on these works soon. I have also worked a lot in my “de-constructing the box” sketchbook with the goal of finishing it out soon. There has been a bit of doodling happening on any piece of paper that seems to need marks (especially during meetings). So the energy is being contained with little pressure releases.

A self-imposed commitment has been reached to flex the right brain and work with in the creative side. This will be hard since my day job is mostly left brain work.

From De-Construction of the Box

How to achieve?

• Draw, draw, draw
• Non-linear brain storming
• Paint
• Push boundaries
• Ask questions (self and others)
• Work a lot (personal)
• Write about it
• Others

I have made myself a lot of promises and goals over the year. Focus and follow through is the key to my success here.

“Nature operates in the shortest way possible”

detail from a painting



did this drawing at the Moto-I’s rooftop patio a few weeks ago, I also ate delicous mussels! I have to say it was a perfect evening and had a great conversation to boot! I think they are the best mussels I have had to date!

Figurtive Drawing

A drawing from the Figure Drawing Factory that I finished today. It is a more formal drawing of one of the quick drawings I did, see this post.
Pencil on paper, done in the deconstructing the box sketch book.


I did this last week, sitting outside, a tree in the front yard of a neighbors, I find trees difficalte to draw…




I have been working off and on in a sketch book that is called “deconstructing the box” it is a medley of random and often experimental art works mostly drawing, with some mixed media. It is a project that I have been using to, not necessarily get out of the box but more so it is about breaking the boundaries of the box and reinventing the box. It is like adding healthy water to my well and visual library. An evaluation of creative self…
The first one is older the rest are resent ones. Most of them are tagged de’x so if you want to see them just click on that tag!
Oh, as a side note, I find that text and words/saying seem to creep up into these works. Not sure why but it seems to work for them.

acrylic and marker

fdf drawing

Ok, I did this drawing for a project on the figure drawing factory from a pose that Lee had supplied a long time ago.  The pose was made into a circle (assuming photoshoped) so the pose was distorted.  I really wanted to use my new color pencils (derwent is my favorite since they are not so waxy) think it will take some time to get back into pencils, haven’t used them in a long time!

As you can see, I cropped it quite heavily…


drawing from last week

hand study, hoping to get some more drawing/painting done today but first must visit dad. he is getting a lot better btw, was off the vent overnight the day before, hopefully last night too…
i am hoping to get a drawing done every day in the deconstructing the box sketchbook, we will see if that works or not but it is a good goal to have

from a little while ago

from the walker art center’s sculpture garden, st mark’s

clover flower and real flower at the walker art center’s sculpture garden
both in the deconstructing the box sketch book