Photo reference for Episode 24

Hey, here is the photo reference for Episode 24, please feel free to use it as a painting reference.

All I ask is please share with me your final product!

No commercial use of photo, Thanks!

my version!


Morels being Morels

Here is my latest time lapse painting.  Unlike others I have posted, I did a voice over to talk about my methods.

Morels being Morels

10 x 10 inches

Part of a private collection

Watch Me Paint – Fly Agaric

Watch me paint a Fly Agaric Mushroom.  This painting was taken from a photo i took some time ago, you can use the same reference and do your own art from it!  see this post.  Make sure you comment below or tag it on instagram #seeitpexa so I can see it for my self.


Paint With Me – Mushrooms

My latest time lapse I said i would post the photo ref that i used for it.

Here it is, feel free to use it as drawing or painting reference however the image belongs to me and should not be used for any commercial uses.



Watch the video here: