New Year’s Day Challenge


Facebook and other social has been boiled down into sharing memes, news and fake news, etc… for a lot of people.  I want something more!

When I started fb and other social media (livejournal, deviantart and others) it was a platform to express yourself and keep in touch with people you don’t see often or you liked the content they offer.  I want to encourage this by encouraging  this challenge.

On NYD via FB or the social media of your choosing (or all that you use) express yourself to your friends and followers something created distinctly yourself:

·         Post a photo of your surroundings, something interesting or unique in your home etc.

·         Some poetry, writing or some other personal story that people don’t know about you

·         Some art or craft work you are proud of

·         Food or recipe that you made (not found on pintrist)

·         Self portrait

·         Something funny or strange about yourself

·         A mini movie of your making

·         The list goes on!

Lots of you have off so no excusses!

Tag it #NYDexpress