Art Crawl

The St. Paul art crawl will be held this weekend and I will be showing some of my work there! I will be squatting in my talented friend Jen’s space.  Please note I will be holding shorter hours than the official SPAC hours.


2500 University Ave. D3 (top of stairs to the right)

St. Paul, MN

Friday April 22 6pm – 10pm

Saturday April 23 noon to 6pm

Free parking behind the building or take the blue line.

If anyone wants to come by outside of these times please contact me and we can arrange a private showing, the art will be up as early as Wednesday and won’t be taking it down until Monday or so.

Oh, and I will have beer and wine for friends (while supplies last) yes I am not above bribery!

Art sale coolness

I got a call a few weeks ago from MCAD, my alma-meter, I naturally thought they were doing some fund raising since I have gotten many calls for donations from them in the past.  Well, the conversation got a bit strange quite quickly, the dude said, “I wanted to call you before I sent out the invitation to you” I am like, invitation?  “Wanted to give you a heads up so you know what this is all about” interest piqued at this point…  The long and short of it, MCAD holds an art sale every November for sale of art from students and recent alumni as a fund raiser for both the college and students.  There are a bunch of people that support the art sale and go every year and buy lots of art aka. spend a lot of dough.  Well the college is throwing these dedicated and well off supporters a thank you event at a major art collector’s house to say thanks.  This collector who is hosting this event has bought a lot of art from the art sales, and MCAD was inviting a hand full of artist that is in his collection from the art sale to be present, and I am one of them.  Fuck, I am one of them.  I feel honored first that I am a part of his collection and even more honored that I was invited to this event, fuck that is cool!  I am a bit freaked out and I have no idea which piece he has but I am vary exited to go and rub elbows with art lovers from around the cities and see a long ago sold piece of art!  I think I will live tweet this event so if you are interested follow me at twitter (user name pexa link!/pexa ) if nothing else I will be posting another post with more details! 

butt load of rain…

Yeah, it rained like a mother last night, here is a guy kyacking down grand and the other one is lyndale at lake street in mpls…

Upside Down City is a prop, a painting, a relic, and a sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and is one of the first of the famous “soft sculptures”.
part of Event Horizons show at the Walker Art Center