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We have a collection of plastic ninjas that hang out on a frame that is around the thermostat, they are only part of our collection. the rest are scattered around the house hidden in plain sight and move quite often. I think they are on secret missions… #NYDexpressninjas

5 years

5 years ago yesterday (Dec 2nd 2004), i started my daily self-portrait project. it sure has been a challenge at times but has been surprisingly intriguing.
see the whole project here.
here is my last 6 Dec 2nd

dec 2, 2004

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dec 2, 2009

trying to find buisness ideas

I would really like to figure out some type of business that I could start up that would use web and social networking sites as a foundation.  Something like managing the online personalities for businesses/bars/restaurants and the like.  Wonder if there is a market for this? And if so, how much one could charge a month for something like that?  Creative Network Solutions for a base name maybe?  ok, I am just thinking out-loud but I am sick of looking for non existent jobs, that is for sure!

only visited dad today

yesterday i had visited both mom and dad, today i could only do one hospital, i do have to say that it can really be wearing on a person to go to two places and deal with it all.  I have  been trying to get to see dad more though since he has been going through this for so much longer and will be recovering still for months.  now that he is more alert he will need more support and encuragment too. 

mom was really tired yesterday and still had very high blood pressure, and heart rate with little appitite, today on the phone she sounded much more refreshed and better over all.  she will be going home soon is the hope, but there may be a week stop in a nursing home which she does not want in the least.  we will see though…

dad has been having phy-therapy daily and they thought he would be fitted with a dome trake, which will allow him to talk all the time

at art a whirl

and it is a bit slow, have ad some burstes of energy but it won’t pick up for a little bit i am sure. we are not even putting out any snacks till later

a little redesign

i did a little re-design of the blog, will still do a little tweeking but for now it is feeling good to me.  i also added an easier way to add commets, so you can use your livejournal, open source, moveable type or annon (with anti spam code) so feel free and comment!