Photo reference for Episode 24

Hey, here is the photo reference for Episode 24, please feel free to use it as a painting reference.

All I ask is please share with me your final product!

No commercial use of photo, Thanks!

my version!


Big change!

This year, although it has been a more productive year on the quantity of paintings and creation, I feel that it has not been as good as it should have been.  Most artist books about creative blocks will tell you to just do it in fancy pros (why are these books only written by authors though?) well, I finally feel this weight off of my shoulders.  I feel that I can now just do it.  What has changed???  I will tell you what.  We have been in the search of the perfect house (for us) and most spare time and energy has been spent in that search.  This week we had an offer excepted and close soon.

I will have my own space to work on my creative stuff without interruption and distraction.  This has given me a lot of energy and desire to throw myself into the creative realm.  Mind you, there is still a lot of work to do but the direction is set, and a lot of stuff is planned!

Please stay tuned!


Morels being Morels

Here is my latest time lapse painting.  Unlike others I have posted, I did a voice over to talk about my methods.

Morels being Morels

10 x 10 inches

Part of a private collection

Photography – New Focus

Along with all the other things I do in life, I am currently working on getting my photography skills sharpened.  Don’t get me wrong, I think I do fine behind the camera but I want to get better and maybe do it more professionally along with art and design.  There are a few things I am planning on focusing on as primary:

  • Portraiture/figurative
  • Street photography/urban landscape
  • Food photography
  • Nature/mushroom/foraging

Currently I have a few victims, err client jobs lined up, one is a business head shot and the other is some engagement photos, it is a bit stressful to take on something as important as these kinds of jobs but I think the skills I will learn will be invaluable.

I am also working on a book about mushrooms, it will be mostly be a picture book and probably self-published, need one more spring season to get the shots I want.

I am available to take on some shoots and will be stupid reasonable with rates or will consider to take on some pro bono work for the right job.

So there it is, more projects that I am working on.  Will I succeed or fall on my head, don’t matter it is the doing that matters!

Here are some photos I took in the street last Friday, the super bowl was just getting started so all the interesting people were out walking and this is some of what I got.





Watch Me Paint – Fly Agaric

Watch me paint a Fly Agaric Mushroom.  This painting was taken from a photo i took some time ago, you can use the same reference and do your own art from it!  see this post.  Make sure you comment below or tag it on instagram #seeitpexa so I can see it for my self.


Paint with Me – Fly Agaric

Paint with me!  use the reference photo that I took and used in the painting below.

Feel free to use it as drawing or painting reference however the image belongs to me and should not be used for any commercial uses with out my consent.

Tag it #seeitpexa on Instagram or comment here so i can see what you have done!

There will be a time lapse video coming soon.



Here is what I did.


Morel Mushroom Painting

This is a small coaster painting that i did a while back, maybe not the best one i have done but it has a nice charming “hey i am a Morel” feel about it!

What do you think?

Paint With Me – Mushrooms

My latest time lapse I said i would post the photo ref that i used for it.

Here it is, feel free to use it as drawing or painting reference however the image belongs to me and should not be used for any commercial uses.



Watch the video here: