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Artist Statement:

As an introspective person, painting and art have been ways to express my inner self to the larger world. I think this introspection comes from my emotionally conservative small town upbringing, although, my family has always nurtured the creative, compassionate, and open-minded attitude that has become part of my visual language. Living in Minneapolis, with a stint in the suburbs and then a return to Minneapolis has strengthened my desire to explore and evolve as a person as well as an artist, while I still keep true to my rural “small town” roots.

A lot of my work is based with the human figure in varying degrees of abstraction. The human figure is dynamic and beautiful in all of its perfections and flaws. Critical to what I want to get across is an emotion humanism that the figure evokes whether expressionistic or abstracted. Often my figures are accompanied with other icons of humanness such as the heart (connotations of health, life love and so forth) and language/words (connotations of communication, culture and society at large), among others.

While I prefer to work with oil paint because of its velvety intoxication, I often stray into other media to fit a concept, desire, or the availability of a given moment. I feel that one medium and one style is not enough to full express the complexity of the human experience. I must admit though, that it is also my desire to learn, experiment and find new answers to old questions, solving those problems in creative fashion. This desire partially was influenced from a class I took at MCAD as an undergraduate, called “Creative Problem Solving” with Jerry Allan. It was all about expanding your visual language and de-boxing the box as it were. In other words, I do not believe in being confined by a media or a style, but truly be interdisciplinary in my art.

With that said, I have also been involved in more conceptual art projects over the years. Since December 2nd 2004 I have been taking a photo self-portrait every day to track my changes through time, and posting it to the internet as a “gallery” of sorts. With other local painters, I have participated in live painting shows at the Speakeasy Bar. I have also found a love for impromptu performances or happenings brought on by conversation, or happenstance. It really keeps me on my toes and helps me retain a child-like curiosity.

There have also been other projects that added to my learning and advancement as an artist, and in ways made my work more diverse. The Rape of Narcissus is an art and lit ‘zine that I co-publish with my poet friend, David Pomije. I also co-founded, and co-moderate the Figure Drawing Factory, an internet group that brings together artists and models in a safe and supportive learning environment. This group has been written up in the January 05 American Artist Magazine.

Diversity and exploration are cornerstones of my work. I usually work on several projects at a time. These projects often reflect several different styles, media and agendas. These on going projects often seem to have a dialogue with one another, as if they were informing one and other how to come into being. My main goal is to express all that I know and feel as I want to inspire others to look into themselves.