3/12/06 living room (first) feedback:

This is a really interesting project, and has made me actually take a harder look at my own surroundings. I've never heard of psycho-geography before. I suppose the main reason the idea appealed to me so much was because of the heightened perception or observation it demands.

I studied the grouping of pictures on your website, and the first thought that struck me was the prevalence of gods. It was something in the combination of colors, textures, and the angles of the shots, it just made me think of ancient ruins in a lush jungle, surrounded by gods and spirits, perhaps transplanted into a more urban jungle. That's what these objects in your surroundings make me think of, as if you've created a whole new landscape out of the mundane. :) I see a kind of reverence or respect in the work that feels holy to me, which I loved. The pictures really go togehter well and accentuate each other. At first, the photo of the electrical cords jarred me to the point that I really didn't like it at all and kind of ignored it, but then on a second viewing, I relized that it was sort of like vines, and contrasted nicely with the images of plants. Even the photo of the cds and tapes had a kind of piled stone feel to them. I suppose the description I'm looking for is organic - everything has a very organic, spiritual feel to me. Anyway, I just thought I'd drop in and comment since I enjoyed viewing this project so much. I can't wait to see more!

You know, it's really kind of mind blowing the realities we create around us without even being aware of it. :) Both awe-inspiring and somewhat frightening.