What is Psycho-geography:

There is an easy and a more complicated answer to this question, I reserve the right to answer it so far as it effects this project. However I think I will have to delve into it more as I learn more about it and its significances.

So in short psycho-geography is the art that attempts to document and understand the influence of the outer environment on the human psyche and vice versa. Simple in crisp meaning, but very poignant in its deeper meaning. If you what to dig deeper into the theories and science of psycho-geography, try this link.

I am attempting to “document” my surrounding area(s) in attempt to give light to little everyday sights that are often overlooked but are apart of my environment and effect to the psyche. These sights are either so out in the open that they are over looked, or hidden areas that or just out of sight but still interesting and have an effect on my (and others for that matter) every day life. Not only is psycho-geography about your surrounding but it can be about the exploration of the spaces between two spots that you frequent. Taking a different route to the store from your house, walk a different path to work, etc...

These are two things I am going to explore, and document with this project. Photography will be the main tool for documenting my experiences however I will also add the written word when it fits, feels right or photos do not work for a given exploration.

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