Daily Self Portrait Poject

the Skinny

On December 2nd 2004 I started to take a daily self portrait and posting them on the internet. I have been doing self portraits for quite a long time prior to this, but only in spurts and at time in some what a narcissistic sort of mind set. About a month or so before the start of my project I ran into petehocking.com where he has been doing a self portrait every day since September 27th 2001, it got me thinking. After some time of thought and wondering if I could make a commitment like this I decided I must try it too.

I must admit that this is a bit dadaist in mindset but I find it to be a wonderful journaling tool besides. When I made up my mind to try this, was a day I decided I was going to take steps to change my life for the better. The photos show a progression of that change on the outside, and is a daily reminder of my commitment to my self.

Some will be artsy and some will be just a snapshot of that day and time. I am hosting them off of pexa-artstudios.com to save bandwidth and storage space. you can find all the daily portraits at the deviant art site call photo-a-day.

If you would like to have your own daily photo (or other photo project) site's link listed here, please drop me a line.