of Art

the Process

First Phase

I started this painting in October of 2004. It is oil on canvas that I stretched my self. I found that the canvas was “really thirsty” and was soaking up the oil paint quicker then I could get it on the canvas, argh, not really helpful. This is what I mean by the canvas was fighting with me. I decided to put down a brown and with base and worked in black to outline my idea. I let it sit for a couple of weeks to let the under-painting dry my thought was I could let the fibers of the canvas get clogged up so they would not soak up any more paint and make my life harder then need be.

Second Phase

After a bit, I went back and added several layers of paint and more objects and word that started to gain some importance for this painting. The canvas was still fighting with me and my frustration got the best of me. I set it aside to dry some more. I let it live a while before I picked it up again.

Third Phase

Now it is late December, I had to really start working on this painting again. I decided to be aggressive so I could get over the canvas issue, so I laid some thick layers of paint. I also pushed some new ideas onto the canvas as well.

Forth Phase

Three weeks later and after the holidays, I started to work again. Now the painting is really starting to take shape, the colors are starting to take brighten up and the texture is coming unto its own with added drippings, splatters and layers or paint. I moved heart object and added bone like structures, not sure if the bones will stay or they will be pushed back yet. I guess time will tell.