Binding of the Pages

From the earliest times, words were inscribed into clay tablets, papyri scrolls, sheep skin vellum, and eventually onto sheets of cotton or wood pulp sheets and bound into books. These books had been a status symbol of wealth and power, the keys to knowledge, entertainment, records, faith, and much more. These books were and still are often hoarded and cherished by many. Books have magical powers over people, so much so that a book geek can not bare to tear themselves away form libraries or book stores looking for that little treasure that they can hold and love.

I started out binding books the spring of 2004 after seeing hand bound books in some small specialty shops around town. These book intrigued me to no end, I must do it! After some internet research and finding of a book on the subject, I started my quest to bind. I don’t do many books, however, I was hooked from day one and will continue to bind books till the end of my days.

Some of these books are for sale, I can also custom make books too.

For the beginner book binder, I recommend you start by reading Keith A. Smith’s Non-Adhesive Binding – Books Without Paste or Glue.