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Painting Gallery:

Welcome to the newly designed and easier to use painting galleries. The galleries have now been broken into categories to keep similar bodies of work together for your viewing pleasure. New works will be added as they are made (the galleries are organized from newest to oldest with some exceptions).

If you are interested in purchasing a painting or would like to comment on one please go to my contact page here

Traditional Figure The figure or portrait as the main theme with a traditional feel to them, often painterly with an impressionistic or expressionistic feel to them, sometimes with conceptual or surreal elements creeping in.

Abstracted Figure Again using the figure or portrait as main theme albeit much more abstract then the more traditional works, there often is more of a conceptual quality to the work and a push and pull between the surface and the paint.

Odds n Ends Uncategorized works that could be just about anything at all, from formal works to little ditties that I find nice that don’t find homes in my other categories.

LandScape Assorted styles of landscape art, most of it surreal or abstracted.

Mixed Media Mixed media works that have painting as a part of the techneque used.

Stencil Works that used stenciling as the primary focus of the work.