My Muraling Experience

I have worked on murals since 1995, when I met Gary Butzer, a muralist/artist from Mortan, MN. Gary took me under his wing and became my mentor and friend. He taught me a lot about muraling, art, creativity, and life. I am who I am because of his influence. I must have worked on 20 or so murals with him around rural and urban Minnesota, from 1995 to 2000. Gary has since moved out of state, so i have not done one with hime since 2000, I am hoping to get back into muraling again.

The Beast Called Mural

Murals are really a challenge for artist. You have to get out of the mind set of realism up close, since most murals are meant to be seen from a distance. This means that the up close the mural will have this wonderful abstract feel or look to it. To get perspective and proportion right there is a lot of getting off the latter and looking from the perfect viewing spot. Also out door murals need to be painted brighter then other paintings since they will face weather and direct sun light at times. They kind of live do to this and most murals with fad over time and will go through a beautiful aging process as a result.

What is so Special About Murals?

Murals are often outside, which means that it is a “public work of art” for all to enjoy. It helps bind community together. I got to work on several projects where we had community involvement with the painting of the mural. In Mapleton, we had groups of school kids come and work with us, a world life experience that will last them a lifetime!

Besides adding beauty to the world, murals create landmarks which will make a place stand out in peoples minds!

In Closing

Below are a few examples of some of the murals I worked on with Gary. The newer ones Gary let me do much more detail work and decision making, to the point he often asked what I thought about this or that. I am now hoping for a few mural projects. If you are interested in a project please contact me! Please note, my style is not necessarily like Gary’s but I do work in a similar manner.

Racing Down the Road
Gary Butzer w/Pexa, 1999
interior wall
Mankato, MN, USA (Harley Davison Dealer)

Kurling on the Mapleton River
Gary Butzer w/Pexa, 1999
brick wall
Mapleton, MN, USA (Mapleton Kurling Center)

Wheat Trashing
Gary Butzer w/Pexa, 1995
brick wall
Montgomery, MN, USA (has been painted over by new owner)

Gary Butzer w/Pexa, 1999
brick wall
New Prague, MN, USA (Highland Laundermate)